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Q:Why can’t I use my cell phone golf GPS?

A: The Rules of Golf do not allow Distance Measuring Devices unless the committee adopts a local rule allowing them. OSWGA has done so as follows as recommended by the USGA:

Distance Measuring devices are allowed to measure or gauge distance only.
However, DMD’s that are designed to measure or gauge other conditions that
might affect a player’s play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc) are
not permitted regardless of whether such additional function is used.
(Most cell phones have automatic local weather and temperature presets, features and applications and would be in breach of the Rules-although you may not look a these features or may turn them off, the fact that they are accessible in your device makes the device non-conforming as stated in the first sentence.) USGA Rule 14.

Rule of the day-link to USGA website-see if you know the answer!

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