Congratulations to our members who have hit a hole in one when playing in an OSWGA Tournament! This feat will earn you free OSWGA membership in the following year! If you had one in an OSWGA tournament and we’ve neglected to honor you in the table below, please email Trudy at oswgari@aol.com with your name, date of the event, course, hole #, yardage, club you used and name and number of a witness.

What Are the Odds of Hitting a Hole in One?. For many golfers, hitting a hole in one is a lifelong goal. Though often talked about among golfers, from the professional to the beginner, a hole in one is actually quite rare.  Golfers may wonder about their odds of hitting a hole in one.

Expert Insight:In 2000, Golf Digest hired Francis Scheid to determine the odds of making a hole in one. Scheid broke the odds down based on the quality of the player and the amount of play. He said that the odds of a PGA tour player making a hole in one were 3000 to one. His data showed a low handicap player to have 5,000 to one odds, while an average handicap player had 12,000 to one odds. His study also showed that if you had a low handicap and played 1,000 rounds of golf then you had a five to one chance of making a hole in one. Statistically, then if the same player plays 5,000 rounds of golf, the odds increase to one to one.

Facts:For a hole in one to be official, a person other than the player must witness the shot. The player must also be playing only one ball during the round that he shot the hole in one. In addition, the player must be playing a round of at least nine holes when he shot the hole-in-one.

Considerations:Because there isn’t a single organization charged with collecting the data, it is almost impossible to calculate the odds with complete accuracy. In addition, not all holes in one are reported and some holes in one that are reported did not actually occur.

Misconceptions:Golfers often believe that the USGA maintains a list of holes in one. In fact, the USGA does maintain a registry, and local golf associations often keep a list. The United States Golf Register has a website where individual golfers can register holes in one. Golf clubs also typically keep a record of all holes in one made on their course.

History:Mancil Davis is often called the “King of Aces” and is regarded as the professional record holder for most holes in one. Tiger Woods shot his first hole in one at age six. In April 2007, Elsie McLean, at age 102, became the oldest person on record to get a hole in one. She made the historic shot at Bidwell Park.

Significance:To a player, hitting a hole in one is a significant event and often results in buying the clubhouse a round of drinks—an expensive tradition for which many private golf club members carry insurance. The odds of hitting a hole in one are significant because it reflects what a unique accomplishment it is.

7/6/2021Lucille BorrelliPinecrest GC141057 Iron
6/1/2021Carol CherryBeaver River Golf Club15130Driver
6/17/2019Chris TrenholmeCranston Country Club151483 Wood
6/6/2018Nancy DiemozFoster Country Club71129 Iron
07/11/2017Sue PouliotLaurel Lane31527 Wood
06/21/16Marie TraversPawtucket Country Club71433 Wood
09/17/2014Yung ParkSegregansett171189 Wood
10/06/2013Laura DavertNewport National 16159Driver
08/19/2013Trudy DufaultGreen Valley CC121099 Wood
07/29/2013Cindy BowdenBack Nine Club101036 Hybrid
07/30/2012Elaine ShanleyBack Nine club4134 Driver
06/25/2012Nancy DiemozNorth Kingstown3128 7 Iron
08/30/2010Sue VincentFirefly CC6175 Driver
06/15/2009Carol FortinRichmond CC17115 4 Hybrid
06/17/2008Linda DaRosaWanumetonomy5131 9 Iron
07/24/2007Alley CaffreyCranston CC890 Wedge
06/01/2007Carol WilsonFenner Hill CC6114 Wedge
05/08/2006Rosemary RichardsonRichmond CC15152 5 Wood
05/08/2006Diane EllisRichmond CC17115 5 Iron
04/10/2006Maureen FordQuidnessett CC6125 6 Iron
09/04/2005Kyong KimFirefly CC791 9 Iron
10/18/2004Pat MaloneWarwick CC9110 7 Iron
08/02/2004Wendy JacobsonMontaup CC3131 4 Iron
07/19/2004Jeanne OliveiraHighland CC4110 8 Iron
10/20/2003Jeanette JamesPinehurst GC3112 8 Iron
10/20/2003Donna Ahlquist-BeachWarwick CC7135 7 Wood
07/01/2003 Carol ClareyTriggs Memorial GC14128 7 Iron
09/00/2002Marisa WhiteFirefly CC3141 5 Iron
08/07/2001Audrey CorreiaGreen Valley CC11143 Heavenwood
07/29/2000Donna DeBlasioTriggs Memorial GC4170 3 Wood
07/18/1997Martha WoodburnSwansea15153 7 Wood



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