Pager and Cell Phone Policy

  • Please respect the OSWGA’s cell phone and pager policy by
    not using them during tournament play. Cell phone policy also applies to your caddie. This includes all communication devices. (Penalty: Disqualification)

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds or Credits, with the following exceptions:

• Cancellations made prior to closing date of tournament.
• Cancellations filled from a waiting list will be issued a credit.
• Substitutions allowed within 48 hours notice. OSWGA is not
responsible for refund: must be handled through parties involved.
• Substitute must have an active USGA Handicap Index or will
play at scratch.
• Rescheduled Event: Information will be posted on the website.

Tournament Entry

  • Please do not send cash. Check or money order only with completed
    entry card. Be sure to include age and date of birth for all when sending in an entry for the Senior and Jr/Sr Championships.
  • Tournament entry cards need only be stamped and self-addressed when
    tee times apply.
  • Two or four person events must be received with all names and
    GHIN #s on one entry card with one check or entry will be returned.
  • Handicap index not from GHIN?  Player’s name, club and state or
    country where the club is; name of the handicap server and player’s
    number are all required on the entry.
  • All entries postmarked before the opening date will be returned.

If any course restricts the number of players or tee times allotted, the
following criteria/preferences will govern entry into tournaments:
1. Date the OSWGA receives mailed, paid, completed entry cards
2. Members of the OSWGA with the most seniority in the organization


We recognize that soliciting support for and/or distributing literature on behalf of various causes or organizations, especially those of a non-profit, charitable nature, can be a benefit not only to our members, but also to the game of golf and the communities in which we operate. It is important, however, to set limits on and guidelines around such activities in order to minimize disruption to our tournaments and to respect our member’s rights not to receive what might be perceived as unwelcome distributions and solicitations. The purpose of this policy is to set forth appropriate guidelines for solicitation and distribution for events, charities or other activities. If there is any question about how these guidelines should be applied to a particular situation that is not addressed, members and outside agencies should contact a then serving OSWGA Board member.

Any event, charity or other activity that is NOT directly or indirectly related to the game of golf will not be endorsed by OSWGA, and will not receive permission to post or distribute material information to our members while at official OSWGA events. In addition, they shall not have access to our member’s list in any form including email or our website.

Any event, charity or other activity that IS directly or indirectly related to the game of golf may, at its discretion, be endorsed by the OSWGA, and may receive permission to post or distribute material information to our members while at official OSWGA events. Permission to disseminate information shall not be deemed an official endorsement by the OSWGA unless specifically so stated. In no case will the member’s list ever be provided directly to any individual, whether or not a member, nor any outside agency, rather the OSWGA board may authorize internal distribution or postings.

All promotions, solicitation or distribution material must first be approved by the OSWGA Board. Failure to receive prior permission and/or approval will result in immediate removal of any non-approved material.

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