Player of the Year & Player’s Championship


Player of the Year & Player’s Championship

Member’s are awarded points depending on how they finish in a given tournament. The member who earns the most points in the time frame specified yearly, will be declared OSWGA Player of the Year. Members who have earned enough points to get them into the top 12 (and ties) will be invited to play in the Player’s Championship. This event is a celebration of the season. Players will compete for the top gross and net prize and join the victors in a celebratory meal!

Points are awarded to all winners as listed for each tournament (check results) following the point structure on page 36 of the 2018 handbook.

2018 OSWGA Handbook

Should there be flights in a particular field due to the size, each flight will be awarded points in the same manner. In order to be eligible for points in a given year, participants must be OSWGA members in good standing as of April 1st of said year. All members are awarded 75 points for entering in a tournament.

Point totals end with the tournament on September 19th 2018.  Points after that are NOT carried over to the next year.  (Board members have opted to exclude themselves from the Player’s Tournament but are ineligible for Player of the Year.)




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