Board of Director’s 2023 Positions Open or Up for Re-Election

The OSWGA Board of Director’s election will take place at the annual banquet on November 5th.  The following positions will be open or up for re-election this year:

Vice President
Corresponding Secretary

If you are interested in one of these positions, or want to hear more about them, we want to hear from you! Alternatively, if you believe a fellow member would be a good candidate, then please talk to her or mention her name to the nominating chair or a board member. You can read more about the Board position responsibilities in the OSWGA By-laws

The nominating committee is Sherri Sunderland (chairwoman), email: and Pam Kelley, You can also email any Board member (see addresses under Board Members) or pull one of them aside at an upcoming tournament.

Remember, OSWGA is dependent on its volunteers to thrive. We are interested in new voices and ideas to keep the organization going for years to come!

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