USGA State Team points from Quidnessett.


In the past 2 years there have been some changes as to how points are earned. One change this year was to allow points to be earned in a 2 person 1 BB provided the player holed out on every hole.  We have shown in sample cards how we want you to indicate you played for the points and where to have a competitor attest this as shown on the sample card below. Moving forward,those wanting to play for points in a 2 person 1 BB must have the card noted as shown to have points  awarded.

Sample Card 2 person 1 Best Ball Indicating Playing for USGA State Team Points

Points from Quidnessett
1000 Nancy Diemoz
900 Maureen Ford
800 Helga Lind
700 Sue Souza
600 Barbara Baris
500 Linda Paolozzi
400 Peg Cherenzia
300 Chris Trenholme
200 Joanne Zannella M/C
100 Sue Dusablon M/C



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