Jr-Sr Tournament at Laurel Lane is August 14th!!

A mistake in the handbook was just brought to our attention. Thankfully we have been made aware of this prior to the opening of the tournament. Hopefully we are giving you all enough notice to be sure and get the correct day off from work or rearrange the sitter.  The tournament is on TUESDAY, AUGUST 14TH!!  Make sure your partner knows!!

An email was sent out to all members advising them of the error. Please ask your friends if they got it. If not, ask them to email me,  Jackie Booth at jpbooth99@cox.net  We recently updated the email address book but we are reading your handwriting from your application and then putting in the info via human fingers so…..this all leads to plenty of room for error.

If you are a member and reading this but did not get the email-shoot me a note at the above email address and I’ll see why you didn’t get it.

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