Midville Golf Club host of the OSWGA TEAM EVENT on September 10 Opens August 26 & Closes September 2

Congratulations to the overall winners of the OSWGA Team Event Luanne Googins, Carolyn Brown, Mary Lou Sevigny & Elizabeth Lavoie!

2014 Pairings/Results Midville

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This is a 9 hole course but we are playing 18 holes- 9 holes 2-BB and 9 holes step-aside. You are going to play all of the “front” 9 holes 2-BB first. This means if you start on hole # 3-you will go to the OSWGA markers 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, then 1 & 2 playing a 2 BB for all 9 holes. THEN once completing these 9 holes-you will then arrive at hole # 3 again-your starting point. DO NOT PLAY FROM THIS MARKER! You are now playing your back nine.  Go to the OSWGA marker # 12. (because you started on hole #3. {3 + 9 = 12}. If you start on #2 your back 9 will begin at hole # 11,{2 + 9= 11} if you start on #4, your back nine will begin on hole # 13, {4 + 9=13}etc, etc.) Continue to all the back 9 markers completing your back nine in the step-aside portion. Just remember to play your 1st 9 holes, BB portion, from all the single digit tee signs and THEN your back 9 holes, step-aside, will all be from the double digit tee signs.

Failure to complete the tournament as described will result in your team being disqualified. Please ask if you don’t understand.

On the step aside portion-it is a modified scramble. All 4 players will tee off-you will then decide which drive to use, say for example this team on the sample card uses Joanne’s drive on hole # 10, she must step aside and cannot hit the next shot. This continues all the way til you hole out. You will still be stepping aside when putting. If one player putts to within 2 feet, she must step aside and the other 3 players will attempt the 2 footer. Any questions or confusion please ask prior to play.

Kudos to Elaine Crawford for looking at the sample card below and finding an error! Hole # 3, Gross 7 is correct but Donna got 2 strokes so their net should be 4 not 5. In this case, hopefully the scoring committee would catch the error and correct it. Thanks Elaine!

Sample card for 9 hole 2 BB/9 hole step-aside Midville

Any questions, changes to teams, cancellations, etc should be sent to the Tournament Director, Trudy Dufault at trudyd@oswga.org

Board meeting follows a short break after lunch. All are encouraged to attend. 2014.09.10Agenda

Course: Midville Golf Club
100 Lombardi Lane * West Warwick, RI
401- 828-9215 www.midvillegolfclub.com
Format: 4 Females on a team – guests optional
9 Holes–2 Best Ball ~ 9 Holes–Scramble/Step Aside
For the scramble/step aside portion-
Players A, B, C and D tee off.
Player B’s drive is chosen as the team drive.
Player B has to “step aside”–to sit out–on the next shot.
Team handicap total cannot be less than 25.
Entries must include each player’s GHIN #.
Entry Fee: $60 member ~ $70 guest fee (per person)

4 Person Entry Form
Cart and lunch included.
Prizes: Gross/Net in divisions based on the field.
Entry: Opens August 26 & Closes September 2
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