Player of the Year and Player’s Championship Points

Final standings OSWGA Player of the Year Points

2016 Player of the Year Top 20Final Standings
Ann Moran
2016 OSWGA
Player of the Year!
Karen Cabral 6500
Maureen Ford 6175
Wendy Ossman 6050
Sharon Robinson5000
Bettyjean Shadeck 4850
Kim Brown 4375
Sandra Harper 4375
Luanne Googins 4275
Jillian Blanchard 4175
Peg Cherenzia 4175
Laura Parziale4050
Nancy Teves 3900
Joyce Picard3675
Auring Thornley 3525
Carolyn Maney 3450
Pat Dickson3225
Carolyn Brown3175
MaryAnn MacLaughlin2900
Meg Schlageter2875
2015 Player of the YearFinal 2015 Standings
Sandra Harper
2015 OSWGA
Player of the Year
Carolyn Maney5225
Ann Moran4725
Maureen Ford4425
Peg Cherenzia4400
Vickie Moretti4225
Wendy Ossman4025
Mary Ann MacLaughlin3375
Nancy Diemoz3350
Leony Hartig3025
Nancy Teves3025
Joyce Motta2900
Chris Trenholme2900
Linda Rawlings2775
Geri Lisa2750
Linda Paolozzi2750
Elizabeth Penkala2750
Laura Davert2700
Carolyn Brown2625
Elaine Crawford2550
2014 Player2014 Points as of 8/1
2014 Player's Championship Gross Winner-Rained out.2014 Player's Championship Net Winner-Rained out.
2014 Player of the Year-Ann Moran9000 points
Ann Moran9000
Maureen Ford8475
Laura Davert

Chris Trenholme6675
Maureen Mossey6625
Peg Cherenzia6525
Joan Foberg6175
Deb McMahon5650
Nancy Teves5050
Carolyn Maney5025
Barbara Baris
Wendy Ossman4950
Nancy Diemoz4600
Victoria Moretti4375
Kim Brown4175
Sandra Scanlon3850
Cissy Grady3700
Sandy Gertz3625
1. Jackie Booth-2013 Player of the Year!10,425
2013 Player's Championship Gross Winner-Barbara Baris2013 Player's Championship Net Winner-Sandra Harper
2. Maureen Ford9825
3. Ann Moran8650
4. Barbara Baris7150
5. Peg Cherenzia6725
6. Deb Fera6075
7. Maureen Deloreto5725
8. Laura Davert
9. Nancy Diemoz.5525
10. Kibbe Reilly5225
11. Victoria Moretti5150
12. Chris Trenholme5000
13. Linda Paolozzi4975
14. JoAnn Bourque4775
15. Sandra Harper4700
16. Joyce Picard4675
17. Sue Dusablon4575
18. MaryAnn MacLaughlin4500
Player's Championship
Gross Winner-Kibbe Reilly
Player's Championship
Net Winner-Kathy Mis


Ann Moran-2012 Player of the Year!9275
Nancy Diemoz8875
Maureen Ford7475
Jackie Booth7300
Laura Davert6850
Barbara Baris6225
Kibbe Reilly5800
Peg Cherenzia5050
Kyong Kim4825
Geri Lisa4725
Carol Wilson4675
Sue Fontaine4575
Deborah McMahon4175
Cheryl Irons4125
Annie Corio3900
JoAnn Bourque3850
Chris Trenholme
Kathy Mis
Player with the most points will be declared Player of the Year, top 12 and ties play in the Player's Championship. Refer to page 37/38 in the handbook for complete details. Board members have voluntarily opted not to participate in the Player's Tournament but can be declared Player of the Year. (Pending Change)
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