OSWGA Memorial
Hosted by: Crystal Lake Golf Club
August 10, 2016
Special thanks to our volunteers:       
Check in:  Carolyn Maney, Linda Pepler and Linda Rawlings
Scorers:  Peg Cherenzia, Luanne Googins and Trudy Dufault
2016 Results
Championship Division
1st Gross ~ 138 ~   Jillian Blanchard, Karen Cabral, Patty Ianiere and Wendy Ossman
1st Net ~ 124 ~ Auring Thornley, Pam Kelley, Trudy Dufault and Luanne Googins
A Division
1st Gross ~ 168 ~ Pat Dickson, Anne Drescher, Mary Ann MacLaughlin and Paula Souler
1st Net ~ 127 ~ Carol Cherry, Jane Jordan, Ilene McNeil and BettyJean Shadeck
Championship ~ Sue Souza, Leony Hartig, Nancy Teves and Deborah McMahon
A Division ~ Diane Desmond, Jane Correia, Chris Letendre and Pam Romano
  Club Division Gross Net   Club Division Gross Net
1A         13B        
Trudy Dufault Montaup CH 158 124 Brenda Martin Country View CH 159 126
Auring Thornley Melody Hill       Monique Boyajian Country View      
Pam Kelley Melody Hill       Barbara Baris Country View      
Luanne Googins Laurel Lane       Sue Dusablon Country View      
1B         14A        
Peg Cherenzia Winnapug CH 156 125 Jean Maack  Laurel  Lane CH   WD
Victoria Moretti Laurel Lane       Carol Wilson Laurel  Lane      
Sue Fontaine Laurel Lane       Carol Houston Laurel  Lane      
Sis Pfeiffer Valley       Nancy Steinmeyer Laurel  Lane      
10A         14B        
Patricia Dickson Pinecrest A 169 133 Cindy Donald N Kingstown A 169 130
Paula Souler Pinecrest       Val Tessier Newport National      
Anne Drescher Pinecrest       Maureen Mossey N Kingstown      
Mary Ann MacLaughlin N Kingstown       Chris Anderson N Kingstown      
10B         15A        
Erin Mernick Foster A 199 144 Carolyn Maney Crystal Lake A 186 142
 Lauretta Girouard Foster       Sandra Scanlon Crystal Lake      
Shirley McGuire Foster       Linda Pepler Crystal Lake      
Dottie Rogers Foster       Linda Rawlings Crystal Lake      
11A         16A        
Kathy Chorney Cedar Hammock A 190 143 Diane Desmond Montaup A   WD
Jane Lanni Royal Wood       Jane Correia Montaup      
Jeannine Vachon W Warwick       Chris Letendre Montaup      
Cheryl Prignano Foster       Pam Romano Swansea      
12A         16B        
Cheryl Idone Triggs A 182 139  Kim Brown Meadowbrook A   WD
Gail Scowcroft Harbor Lights       Meg Schlageter Swansea      
Terry Leal Harbor Lights       Bren Provost Swansea      
Stephanie Coccia Chemawa       Jeanette Clark Fla       
12B         17A        
Bettyjean Shadeck Rolling Greens A 168 127 Susan Souza Montaup CH 155 129
Ilene MacNeil Laurel Lane       Leony Hartig Montaup      
Jane Jordan Laurel Lane       Nancy Teves Montaup      
Carol Cherry N Kingstown       Deborah McMahon Montaup      
13A         18A        
Amanda Forrest Foster A   WD Wendy Ossman Swansea CH 138 124
Susan Logan Foster       Karen Cabral Swansea      
Bette Speel Foster       Jillian Blanchard Swansea      
Laura Davert Foster       Patty Ianiere EWGA