2015 Acushnet Pairings

OSWGA Team Championship
Hosted at:Acushnet River Valley
Round 1 - May 20, 2015
Shotgun Start Time: 8:30 am
Volunteers:  Scoring Elaine Crawford       Thanks Anne for the donuts !!
1st GROSS - 119
Jackie Booth, Elaine Crawford, Dr. Kristen Kennedy and Chris Trenholme
1st NET - 101
Wendy Ossman. Karen Cabral, Georgette Wilson and Sharon Muncy
1st GROSS - 121
Joanne Stiness, Donna DeBlasio, Elaine Shanley and Peg Cherenzia
1st NET - 96
Deborah McMahon, Nancy Teves, Elaine Carvelli and Marie Travers
1st GROSS - 130
Elizabeth Penkala, Diana Chester, Joan Rothemich and Ann Iacobucci
1st NET - 98
Margaret Nugent, Barbara Dubois, Pat Lewis and Millie Godin
1 Club Div Gross Net 10 Club Div Gross Net
Trudy Dufault Montaup CH   Diane Dugal Fall River B  
Kathy Mis Weekapaug   Sandy Fitzsimmons Fall River  
Karen Recore Laurel Lane   Pat McDonald Fall River  
Ms. Kim Brown Laurel Lane 124 103 Roxanne Green Fall River 143 104
2         11        
Deborah McMahon Montaup A Holly Pond Palm Harbor A  
Nancy Teves Montaup Sandy Koerner Laurel Lane  
Elaine M. Carvelli Montaup Victoria Moretti Laurel Lane  
Marie Travers Montaup 123 96 Beverly Worrall Montaup 134 110
3         12        
Diane Desmond Montaup B   Hope Murphy Exeter B  
Chris Letendre Montaup   Joyce Larocque Exeter  
Marge Bockman Montaup   Mary Abbenante Exeter  
Susan Odonnell Montaup 151 117 Shirley Booth River Run 141 107
4         13  
Nancy Rehor Middlebrook B   Margaret Nugent Glocester B  
Jane Nugent Middlebrook   Barbara Dubois Midville  
Claire Desrosiers Middlebrook   Pat Lewis Glocester  
Madeline Cabral Middlebrook 134 104 Millie Godin Glocester 141 98
5         14        
Jean Angell No Kingstown CH   Carolyn Maney Crystal Lake A  
Linda Paolozzi No Kingstown   Sandra Scanlon Crystal Lake  
Jill Rogers No Kingstown   Linda Pepler Crystal Lake  
Geri Lisa Country View 122 103 Linda Rawlings Indian Palms 138 105
6         15        
Elizabeth Penkala Montaup B   Wendy Ossman EWGA CH  
Diana Chester No Kingstown   Karen Cabral EWGA  
Joan Rothemich No Kingstown   Georgette Wilson Swansea  
Ann Iacobucci No Kingstown 130 98 Sharon Muncy EWGA 124 101
7         16        
Mary Ann Maclaughlin No Kingstown A   Luanne Googins Laurel Lane CH  
Patricia Dickson Pinecrest   Carolyn Brown Laurel Lane  
Kate Oneil Laurel Lane   Nancy Steinmeyer Laurel Lane  
Joanne Smart Laurel Lane 127 101 Carol Wilson Laurel Lane 125 104
8         17        
Ms. Joanne Stiness Segregansett A   Jackie Booth Green Valley CH  
Donna Deblasio No Kingstown   Elaine Crawford Green Valley  
Elaine Shanley Pinecrest   Chris Trenholme Green Valley  
Peg Cherenzia Laurel Lane 121 98 Dr Kristin Kennedy Newport National 119 99
Susan Vincent Triggs A    
Mary Creighton Triggs    
Robin Parella Triggs    
Marybeth Brock Triggs   132 99