OSWGA Team 2  Championship
Hosted by: Wannamoisett Country Club
Round 1 - September 17, 2012
Shotgun Start Time: 9:30 am
Ladies, thank you for taking the time to come up to the table to check the scoring sheets PRIOR to the announcement and prizes being handed out! We do this for a reason and it works. We are only human and mistakes will be made-this is your opportunity to catch any error prior to the official announcement. Please continue to question any scoring issue as it is your right. An effort on the part of all of you to have your scorecard neat and legible is also greatly appreciated.
Thank you to Barbara Sitter check-in volunteer, Jeanne Anthony-check-in & scoring and to Elaine Crawford, Carol Potter & Chris Anderson scoring volunteers.
Annie Drescher-those donuts from Allies Donuts are just too good-Thanks!!
Championship Division
1st Gross-77-Nancy Diemoz & Kay Bullock
2nd Gross-78-Kibbe Reilly & Annie Corio
3rd Gross-84-Jackie Booth & Helga Lind
1st Net-67-Sharon Volpe & Margie Foss
2nd Net-72 Barbara Baris & Sue Dusablon
3rd Net-73-Kris Kennedy & Carol Wilson
1st Gross-88-Sue Fontaine & Victoria Moretti
2nd Gross-90-Luann Dias & Barbara Sitter
3rd Gross-91-M/C-Deb Fera & Deb Iafrati
1st Net-71-JoAnn Bourque & Deb Olsson
2nd Net-72-Jane Thompson & Betsy Pinkerton
3rd Net-73-Claire McCorry & Barbara O'Neil
1st Gross-95-Ann Heidt & Sherry Leonard
2nd Gross-97-Roseanna Buelter & Deb Scorpio
3rd Gross-98-M/C-Elaine Shanley & Deb Marscocci
1st Net-75-M/C-Cheryl Irons & Laura Davert
2nd Net-75-M/C-Kathy Chorney & Darlene Skorski
3rd Net-75-M/C-Donna Lussier & Diane Dugal
1A Div Gross Net 10A Div Gross Net
Trudy Dufault Montaup A 92 77 Deb Fera West Warwick A 91 72
Kathy Mis Weekapaug Debra Iafrati West Warwick
Luann Dias Triggs A 90 73 Pamela Kelley Melody Hill A 91 74
Barbara Sitter Pinecrest Valerie Tessier Newport National
1B 10B
Ann Moran North Kingstown CH 86 77 Ann DeStefanis Triggs A 99 82
Maureen Ford North Kingstown Kyong Kim Triggs
Jackie Booth Green Valley CH 84 75 Claire McCorry Triggs A 92 73
Helga Lind Swansea Barbara O'Neil Triggs
2A 11A
Sharon Volpe Wannamoisett CH 81 67 Beverly Worrall Montaup B 98 78
Margie Foss Agawam Hunt Maureen Deloreto Chemawa
Cindy Prayzner Fall River CH 91 76 MaryAnn MacLaughlin North Kinstown A 99 82
Fernanda Viveiros Fall River Joanne Smart Laurel Lane
3A 12A
Dr. Kristin Kennedy Newport National CH 87 73 JoAnn Bourque West Warwick A 92 71
Carol Wilson Laurel Lane Debra Olsson West Warwick
Elaine Crawford Green Valley CH 89 78 Christina Anderson Green Valley A 98 79
Carol Potter Green Valley Maureen Mossey North Kingstown
4A 13A
Geri Lisa Country View CH 89 77 Cheryl Irons Foster B 96 75
Linda Paolozzi Melody Hill Laura Davert Foster
Luanne Googins Laurel Lane CH 91 77 Rosanna Buelter Valley B 97 75
Carolyn Brown Laurel Lane Debra Scorpio Valley
5A 14A
Liz Duguay Green Valley CH 92 76 Donna LaPointe Wannamoisett B 105 82
Jeanne Anthony Green Valley Nancy Avila Crestwood
Barbara Baris Country View CH 88 72 Judy Laurence Exeter B 101 78
Susan Dusablon Country View Martha Quinn Warwick
6A 15A
Nancy Diemoz Montaup CH 77 73 Yung Park Triggs B 104 81
Katherine Bullock Montaup Yungwan Kim East Greenwich
Kibbe Reilly Wannamoisett CH 78 73 Joyce Picard Country View B 100 77
Annie Corio Wannamoisett Monique Boyajian Country View
7A 16A
Nancy Teves Montaup A 96 81 Kathy Chorney Cedar Hammock B 101 75
Deborah McMahon Swansea Darlene Skorski Triggs
Sue Fontaine Royal Woods A 88 70 Diane Desmond Montaup B 103 79
Victoria Moretti Laurel Lane Christine Letendre Windmill Hill
8A 17A
Patricia Dickson Pinecrest A 100 83 Diane Dugal Fall River B 102 75
Anne Drescher Pinecrest Donna Lussier Fall River
Vickie Brown Foster A 97 77 Erin Mernick Foster B 120 87
Peg Cherenzia Winnapaug Barbara Cunniff Foster
9A 18A
Emily McCarthy Laurel Lane A 97 78 Ann Heidt Exeter B 95 77
Linda Brocato Laurel Lane Sherry Leonard Exeter
Jane Thompson Segregansett A 90 72 Jan Voccola Alpine B 100 79
Betsy Pinkerton Segregansett Laura Tingley Quidnessett
Elaine Shanley Pinecrest B 98 80
Debbie Marcossi Pinecrest