RI Women's State Invitational
Hosted by: Metacomet Country Club
Round 1 - October 22, 2012
Shotgun Start Time: 10:00 am
Thanks Annie for the delicious Allie's Donuts!
Thanks to check-in and scoring volunteer Chris Anderson.
Championship Division
1st Gross-84-Cissy Grady & Peter Aspirinio
2nd Gross-86-Deb Fera & Cameron Quinn
3rd Gross-88-M/C-Peg Cherenzia & Jim Burbine
1st Net-72-Liz Duguay & Steve Scandariato
2nd Net-74-Barbara Izzi & Jason Izzi
3rd Net-77-Young Ok & Don Ok
1st Gross-92-Chris Anderson & Donnie Post
2nd Gross-95-Joanne Stiness & Sam Stiness
3rd Gross-98-Yung Park & Joe Park
1st Net-81-M/C-Donna Lussier & Roger Lussier
2nd Net-82-Ann Heidt & Steve Letcher
3rd Net-83-M/C-Anne Drescher & Bud Drescher
1A Div Gross Net 10A Div Gross Net
Jackie Booth Green Valley CH 93 88 Yung Park Triggs A 98 82
Billy Johnson Green Valley Joe Park Triggs
Carol Wilson Laurel Lane CH 88 79 Donna Lussier Fall River A 98 81
Stephen Kenyon Laurel Lane Roger Lussier Fall River
2A 11A
Deb Fera West Warwick CH 86 76 Christina Anderson Green Valley A 92 74
Cameron Quinn West Warwick Donnie Post Wampanoag
Cissy Grady Pinecrest CH 84 80 Ann Heidt Exeter A 100 82
Peter Aspirinio Rose Hill Steve Letcher Laurel Lane
3A 12A
Peg Cherenzia Winnapaug CH 88 76 Jacqueline Benson Pinecrest A 110 92
Jim Burbine Winnapaug Ken Benson Pinecrest
Jean Maack Laurel Lane CH 105 93 Young Ok Green Valley CH 96 77
Bill Angell Laurel Lane DongSuk Ok Green Valley
4A 13A
Laura Davert Foster CH 94 81 Diana Dinsmore Green Valley A 104 84
Michael Davert Foster Charles Gibbons Green Valley
JoAnn Bourque West Warwick CH 92 79 Kyong Kim Triggs A 105 85
Bob Bourque West Warwick Joe Kim Triggs
5A 14A
Nancy Avila Crestwood CH 100 87 Darlene Hermes Laurel Lane A 110 87
Edward Avila Crestwood Don Hermes Laurel Lane
Donna Weston Country View CH 92 79 Barbara Dubois Midville A 11 88
Frank Dougherty Country View Norm Dubois North Kingstown
6A 15A
Debra Marsocci Pinecrest CH 91 78 Monique Boyajian Country View A 110 87
Mike Cotter Pinecrest Bill O'Brien Country View
Debra Iafrati West Warwick CH 97 84 Joan Foberg Winnapaug A 99 83
Joe Cote West Warwick Ron Nye Winnapaug
7A 16A
Joanne Stiness Crestwood A 95 81 Wanda Hopper Foster A 109 85
Sam Stiness Swansea Jim Hopper Foster
Liz Duguay Green Valley CH 86 72 Helena Lee Beaver River A 112 85
Steve Scandariato Triggs Chong Lee Beaver River
8A 17A
Rebecca Moniz North Kingstown A 99 85 Barbara Izzi Louisqusset CH 87 74
Anthony Moniz No Kingstown Jason Izzi N/A
Anne Drescher Pinecrest A 97 83 Cammie Del Santo Middlebrook CH 112 97
Bud Drescher Pinecrest T J Del Santo N/A
9A 18A
Nancy Rehor Middlebrook CH 94 80 Chris Trenholme Green Valley A 101 86
Dave Costa Middlebrook Joe Sands Swansea
Claire Desrosiers Middlebrook A 105 85 Jennifer Moretti Laurel Lane CH 95 82
Michael Desrosiers Middlebrook Richard D'Andrea Laurel Lane