OSWGA Memorial
Hosted by Crystal Lake Golf Club
 June 11, 2012
Shotgun Start Time: 9:00 am
Thanks to Yung Park, Kim Brown, Cheryl Irons & Laura Davert-check-in volunteers and to Geri Lisa-scoring volunteer.
FYI-all tournaments count for Player of the Year Points in all Divisions and Flights down to 3rd Gross and 3rd Net regardless of what the payouts are. Any questions contact our statistician Elaine Crawford at lbr101@aol.com
Championship Division A-Division-1st Flight
1st Gross-75 Ann Moran 1st Gross- 78 Kris Kennedy
2nd Gross-M/C-77 Kelsey Hayward 2nd Gross-85-Sue Fontaine
1st Net-72 Nancy Diemoz 1st Net-73 Peg Cherenzia
A-Division-2nd Flight B-Division
1st Gross-89 Chris Trenholme 1st Gross-96 Kim Brown
2nd Gross-91 Shirley Booth 2nd Gross-M/C 98 Roberta Cook
1st Net-74 Susan Salzman 1st Net-78 Ann DeStefanis
2nd Net-76 Sandra Scanlon 2nd Net-77 Cheryl Irons
1st Gross-M/C 102 Kathleen Krikorian
1st Net-78 Anna Jones
1st Net-81 Jackie Armilotto
1A Div Gross Net USGA POINTS 13A Div Gross Net USGA POINTS
Trudy Dufault Montaup A 1st FL 95 81 Susan Salzman North Kingstown A 2nd FL 91 74
Laura Davert Foster A 2nd FL 108 92 Peg Cherenzia Winnapaug A 1st FL 88 73
Carol Johnson Montaup A 1st FL 96 81 Chris Trenholme Green Valley A 2nd FL 89 72
Dr. Kristin Kennedy Newport National A 1st FL 78 67 700 Maureen Deloreto Chemawa A 2nd FL 96 78
1B 13B
Joyce Picard Country View A 2nd FL 100 82 Judith Nocera Laurel Lane B 118 98
Shirley Booth Exeter A 2nd FL 91 75 BettyJean Shadeck Rolling Greens B 98 79
Vickie Brown Foster B 104 85
Sandra Scanlon Crystal Lake A 2nd FL 93 76 Carolyn Maney Crystal Lake B 110 91
9A 14A
Lise Silva Kirkbrae C 133 103 Roberta Cook Wentworth Hills B 98 79
Carmela Del Santo Middlebrook C 117 91 Wanda Hopper Foster B 110 81
Kathleen Krikorian non-affiliated C 102 78 Valerie Tessier Newport National B 103 83
Barbara Anderson Harborlight C 116 90 Carolyn Taraborelli Beaver River B 100 80
9B 14B
Anna Jones Harborlights C 102 78 Kim Brown Laurel Lane B 96 76
Kate O'Neil Laurel Lane C 116 98 Ann DeStefanis Triggs B 99 78
Jackie Armillotto Montaup C 107 81 Lynda Falcone Midville B 105 84
Linda Pepler Crystal Lake C 116 90 Yung Park Triggs B 105 83
10A 15A
Sandra Harper Laurel Lane A 1st FL 115 101 Ann Moran North Kingstown CH 75 68 1000
Joan Foberg Winnapaug A 1st FL 97 83 Kathleen Newton Exeter A 1st FL 97 83
Geri Lisa Country View A 1st FL 90 79 Carol Wilson Laurel Lane A 1st FL WD
Jennifer Moretti Laurel Lane A 2nd FL DQ Maureen Ford North Kingstown CH 84 75 300
10B 16A
Cheryl Irons Foster B 99 77 Sue Fontaine Royal Woods A 1st FL 85 74 200
Susan Hooper Laurel Lane C 119 96 Carolyn Brown Laurel Lane A 1st FL WD
Susan O'Donnell Montaup C 106 82 Sue Sheridan Wentworth Hills A 1st FL 97 83
Kathy Chorney West Warwick B WD Barbara Izzi Louisqusset A 2nd FL  116 99
11A 17A
Beverly Worrall Montaup A 2nd FL WD Jackie Booth Green Valley CH 82 73 500
Gail Sullivan Laurel Lane A 2nd FL 105 89 Katherine Bullock Montaup CH 84 82 400
Kyong Kim Triggs A 1st FL 94 80 Kibbe Reilly Wannamoisett CH WD
Barbara Baris Country View A 1st FL 87 74 100 Karen Dufault North Kingstown CH WD
12A 18A
Susan Dusablon Country View A 2nd FL 101 85 Alexandra Prazak Green Valley CH 77 75 800
Ann Heidt Exeter A 2nd FL 95 79 Kelsey Hayward Alpine CH 77 69 900
Jackie Morgan Beaver River A 2nd FL 104 88 Beth Ellinwood Foster CH WD
Nancy Diemoz Montaup CH 78 72 600
Barbara Charles Crestwood A 1st FL 87 75
Elaine Shanley Pinecrest A 1st FL 96 81
Victoria Moretti Laurel Lane A 2nd FL DQ